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Brush TurkeyThe sight of an overzealous male brush turkey tearing apart your garden is enough to infuriate even the nature lovers amongst us! The Brush Turkey is a purpose built mound-builder perfectly adapted to the suburban environment of which it has made its own in the leafy suburbs of Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Taking large amounts of soil and mulch for its mound building purposes, male Brush Turkeys can make short work of small gardens tearing up plants and irrigation systems causing thousands of dollars in damage. The mound is itself the nest for the following breeding season and male birds will lure females in to lay eggs once the mound is at optimal temperature.

Having seen a significant rise in the number of Brush Turkey’s in suburban Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Bird Removal Services has established clientele across these regions assisting in the effective management of these industrious backyard bulldozers. Our turkey removal services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast have been available to the people of South East Queensland for well over the last decade. Whether your bird is moving mulch and soil from your garden for nest construction or eating at the corms and roots of your prized plants resulting in substantial financial loss we have the right management strategy to implement in your individual circumstances.

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